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League Rules & Regulations

Game format is 9v9 Contact Flag Football 

  • 20 minute running halves. Clock stoppage under 2 minutes for incomplete passes and players out of bounds

  • All players must have a league approved jersey in order to play

  • Each team is allowed three 45 second timeouts per half


  • Touchdown: 6 pts. 

  • Conversions: 1, 2 or 3 pts. 

  • Safeties: 2 pts. 

  • Returning an Intercepted Conversion: 3 pts. 

  • Quarterback’s throwing motion is protected. Throwing arm cannot be hit by defender. 

  • Rushers must be 1 yard off ball. 

  • Offense can block rusher(s) / defenders only with open hands. 

  • Three down lineman are required for all formations. 

  • Lineman are not eligible to receive ball. 

  • Receiver cannot advance ball if he falls down and is not touched or flagged. 

  • Receivers must have 1 foot in-bounds for legal catch. 

  • The player with the ball is allowed to use his hand to keep himself from falling. He is not down.

  • Shovel passes are allowed. 

  • Live punt returns. 

  • No kickoffs. 

  • Interceptions can be advanced for yardage or points. 

  • Fumbles are dead at the point of fumble; no change of possession. 

  • Initial bump-n-run on line of scrimmage only. 

  • Defense is not allowed to strip ball after receiver catches ball. 

  • Zero tolerance for any unsportsmanlike conduct, including trash talk, verbal abuse and rough play. 

  • Offending players will be ejected from play, and no registration fees will be refunded. 

  • Safety will result in a free punt from the team that was safetied. Punt will be from the 20 yard line. 


Overtime Rules (Playoffs Only)

Each team starts with the ball from the 20 yd line (Redzone). Alternating turns until one team scores and the other team does not. 1 time out during Overtime.

There will be no overtime during the regular season.


Punting: On any down, the offense may request a  punt. Both teams must maintain at least 3 players on the line until the ball is kicked. Lineman on the defensive line may raise their arms, and or jump to distract, or try to block the kick. They may not cross the line of scrimmage. If the punter drops the snap and the ball hits the ground, the ball is dead at the spot. The punter must receive the snap at least 5 yards behind the center and immediately punt the ball. The penalty for not punting the ball immediately shall be a 5-yard illegal procedure penalty. If a punt has been announced and a timeout is called, the team must re-declare their intention for a punt. If a punt has been announced and then the kicking team purposely runs an offensive play, the penalty shall be a dead ball foul unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, 10 yards, and a loss of down. All touchbacks from punts will be placed at the 20-yard line. The offense cannot cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked. 

Punts can only be received or recovered by the return team. Once the ball is touched by the return team the punting team cannot recover it and take possession. If the ball hits the ground on a punt before any player touches it the receiving team    can pick up the ball and return it. If the returning player tries to pick up the ball off the ground and bobbles the ball causing the ball to hit the ground again the ball will be dead at the spot.

5 yard Penalties:  

  • Batting, Diving to advance the ball, Encroachment/ Offsides, False Start, 
  • Illegal Forward Pass (LOD), Illegal Contact, Illegal Formation, Illegal Motion, Illegal 
  • Snap, Stripping, Equipment Violation 


10 yard Penalties:  

  • Charging, Chuck, Clipping, Ineligible Receiver, Illegal Flags, Flag Guarding-(LOD), Holding, 
  • Intentional Grounding (LOD), Obstruction, Offensive Pass 
  • Interference (LOD), Personal Foul, 
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct LOD= loss of Down 


Automatic First Down:  

Defensive Pass Interference, Illegal Contact, Roughing the passer 


  1. BATTING: Batting of the ball is intentionally striking at the ball with the arm or hand. PENALTY: 5 yds. 

  2. BLOCKING: No contact above shoulders or below waist. You may not leave your feet to block. Personal foul, PENALTY: 10 yds. 

  3. CATCH: Receiver maintains possession of the ball with at least one foot in bounds. If both offence and defense obtain possession simultaneously, the ball becomes dead and is awarded to the offence. 

  4. CHARGING: Charging is when an offensive player runs through a defensive player who has established position. PENALTY: 10 yds. 

  5. CHUCKING RECEIVER: The defender is allowed (1) chuck, within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. PENALTY: 5 yds. Automatic first down under Illegal contact rule. 

  6. CLIPPING: Any block to the back of an opponent. EXCEPTION: Blocking from rear above the waist is permitted if the defender spins, exposing his back within free blocking zone: 3 yards wide x 4 yards deep from scrimmage puck. PENALTY: 10 yds . 

  7. DEAD BALL: Fumbles are dead at spot. If the ball carrier allows the ball to touch the ground to re-gain their balance that would be considered a dead ball. 

  8. DIVING: Diving to advance ball is illegal. Diving to block or to pull flag is legal. PENALTY: 5 yds from the spot, next down. 

  9. EQUIPMENT VIOLATION: No flags on player at start of play PENALTY: 5 yds from line of scrimmage. 

  10. ENCROACHMENT/OFFSIDES: If the defender is in the neutral zone when the ball is snapped it is OFFSIDES; If the defender enters the neutral zone prior to the snap of the ball and is not able to get back before the snap, or if there is a false start by any of the offense while the defender is in the neutral zone it is ENCROACHMENT-NEUTRAL ZONE INFRACTION. PENALTY: 5 yds. 

  11. EXTRA POINTS: 1 point from the 3 yard line, 2 points from the 8 yard line and 3 points from the 20 yard line. If the defense scores on an extra point attempt, the points are awarded to the defending team. 

  12. FLAG FALLS OFF INADVERTENTLY: Revert to 1-hand touch. 

  13. FLAGRANT FOULS: Whenever, in the judgment of any official, the following acts are deliberate or flagrant, the players involved may be ejected from the game; Unsportsmanlike conduct, 10 yards and if FLAGRANT, the Offender may be ejected from the game. Examples include, but are not limited to: Intentionally making physical contact with an official, Tackling the ball carrier as in regulation football, Using fists, kicking and fighting, Using locked hands, elbows or any part of the forearm or hand. PERSONAL FOUL PENALTY 10 yds. 

  14. FALSE START: Any movement by an offensive player that would simulate the start of a play. Dead ball, PENALTY: 5 yds 

  15. FLAG GUARDING: Illegal use of ball carriers hand or arm to protect flag from being pulled. PENALTY: 10 yds from spot and loss of down. 

  16. FORMATION: On regular scrimmage downs, guard must be covered by eligible ends or wide-outs (5) total. The two guards need only have one foot on the line (defined by the heels of the center). PENALTY: 5 yds 

  17. FORWARD PASS: 1 forward pass per down. Pass must be made behind the offence’s line of scrimmage – Penalty 5 yards from line of scrimmage, and loss of down. 

  18. FUMBLE: All fumbles are dead at the spot. Exception: fumbles forward will be spotted at the point of the fumble. If a ball is fumbled in mid-air, any player may recover the ball before it touches the ground. 

  19. HALF-TIME: 2 min Half-Time break 

  20. HOLDING; Offensive and Defensive: No holding onto jerseys to stop the rushers or runner. PENALTY: 10 yds down over. 

  21. ILLEGAL CONTACT: Contact (i.e.; hooking, chucking) with the receiver beyond the chuck rule, 5 yds Penalty Automatic First Down. Or in the course of defending a clear reception, any deliberate contact with the receiver to dislodge the ball is a personal foul, Spot foul Automatic first down. 

  22. INADVERTENT WHISTLE: At the time of the inadvertent whistle the team with possession of the ball has the option of replaying the down or the result of the play. 

  23. INTENTIONAL GROUNDING: Illegal to avoid a sack while in the pocket, (between the guards); legal to stop the clock. The QB can throw the ball out of bounds if he is outside the guards or there is a eligible receiver in the area. PENALTY: 10 yds, loss of down. 

  24. INELIGIBLE RECEIVER: The Center and Guards are ineligible receivers and cannot cross the neutral zone prior to a forward pass. This also applies to blocking down field prior to a pass. Touching the ball, unless tipped, is illegal. PENALTY: 10 yds from line of scrimmage. 

  25. LINE OF SCRIMMAGE/NEUTRAL ZONE: 5 offensive players on line of scrimmage at snap. Neutral zone, as marked by 2nd puck, is 24”.  

  26. MOTION: Only 1 player allowed in motion at the snap. PENALTY: 5 yds 

  27. OBSTRUCTING/HOLDING: Obstructing, holding, tackling, tripping the ball carrier, push-out. Penalty: 10 yd. If the infraction is committed by the last defender, a touchdown is awarded 

  28. OVERTIME: As many possession are given until a winner has been determined. 

  29. PASS INTERFERENCE: Prior contact that interferes with the receiver/defender’s ability to make a catch is illegal. Exception; jump ball where both offence and defense have an equal right to the ball. OFFENSE = Penalty: 10 yd. penalty from previous spot and loss of down. DEFENSE = Penalty: Spot foul and automatic 1st down. 

  30. PROTECTION OF THE PASSER: The defense is NOT permitted to make contact with the passer’s arm (the ball is an extension of the arm while in the passer’s possession). Defensive players must make a definite effort to avoid charging into a passer. No downward motion of the arms towards the passer by the defensive player while the passer is in the throwing motion can be made. Penalty: When pass is incomplete it will be 10 yds and an automatic 1st down. When it occurs and the pass is completed, an additional 10 yds will be added to the end of the play and and automatic 1st down will be awarded. 

  31. PROTECTION OF THE RECEIVER: The defense is NOT permitted to “go through” the receiver in an attempt to intercept or break up the pass. Penalty: 5 yds, Automatic first Down. 

  32. SIMULATION OF A SNAP: Center may not move or adjust the ball after the offence is set. Any attempt by the defense to induce a false start PENALTY: 5 yds 

  33. SNAPS: All snaps must go between the center’s legs to a player that is off the line of scrimmage. PENALTY: 5 yds 

  34. SPOT OF BALL: The position of the flags when player is de-flagged is the spot of the ball. Goal Line Exception – If the ball position would be between the 1 yd. line and the goal line, the ball will be placed at the 1 yd. position will always be set at 1 yd. from goal line 

  35. STIFF ARMS: Stiff Arms are flag guarding. PENALTY: 10 yds from spot and loss of down. 

  36. STRIPPING: Stripping of the ball is illegal. PENALTY: 5 yds added 

  37. TIME: 20 minute halves, 35 second play clock, and 2 minute halftime; the clock will stop for a called time-out, and after each score until the ball is set for the next possession. The clock may also stop at the referee’s discretion for discussion. 

  38. TIME-OUTS: 2 time-outs per half. 1 time-out per overtime period. 

  39. TOUCHDOWN: Possession and both flags cross the goal line, one flag if not flagged inside the pylon. Also applies to first downs. 

  40. Illegal Flags: All flags must be RFFL league approved popper flags. Equipment Violation, Pre Snap Penalty: 5 yds from the line of scrimmage. Post Snap Penalty is 5 yds from the line of scrimmage and loss of down (Postscript: Ball caps must be worn backwards on the field. No metal spikes allowed.) 



PROHIBITED ACTS: There shall be no unsportsmanlike conduct by players, substitutes, coaches or others subject to the rules. Examples include, but are not limited to: 

  • Any acts of unfair play 

  • Intentionally kicking at the ball other than during a legal kick 

  • Using disconcerting acts or words prior to the snap in an attempt to interfere with offensive team signals or movements 

  • Spiking ball, taunting opponent or other similar theatrics before or after a touchdown 

  • Using profanity, abusive, insulting, vulgar language or gestures 

  • Indicating objections to an official’s decision 

  • Pulling or removing a flag from an offensive player without the ball by a defensive player intentionally. Once Offensive player touches and/or bobbles the ball he may be flagged by defender without penalty.  

  • No player shall block in a manner that would cause his feet, knees, or legs to strike an opponent. All blocking shall be done with the feet in contact with the ground 

  • There shall be no high-low blocking 

  • There shall be no contact with an opponent who is on the ground 

  • The runner or player shall not be thrown to the ground 

  • There shall be no hurdling to advance the ball. Hurdling to avoid injury is acceptable 

  • No player shall make contact with an opponent obviously out of the play either before or after the ball is declared dead 

  • The ball carrier shall not deliberately drive or run into a defensive player. 

  • There shall be no unnecessary roughness of any nature 

  • Tackling 

  • Using of fists 

  • Knocking out-of-bounds 

  • Punch strike. No strip or attempt to steal the ball from a player in possession 

  • Position himself on the shoulders or body of a teammate to gain an advantage 

  • Make any contact with an opponent which is deemed unnecessary of any nature including using fists, locked hands, elbows or any part of the forearm or hand PENALTY: 10 yards and if flagrant, the offender may be ejected from the game. 



  • Trash Talkers Rule-Bating/Taunting - unsportsmanlike conduct: when a player(s) is continually and belligerently lashing out with derogatory remarks to an opposing team player or players, that team will receive an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of 10 yards and a warning to the player. If the actions continue, the player(s) involved will receive an immediate ejection from the game and the player(s) will serve a one game suspension in the following week’s game. 

  • Offensive and defensive captain’s responsibility should be to keep teammates under control. They are NOT to go to officials and try to get a call or change a call. Official’s calls WILL BE respected.1st violation - warning to the captain and player - 2nd violation – ejection of game to the player and warning to the captain - Any subsequent violation will be forfeiture of the game. 1st violation – Warning to the Captain. 2nd Violation –Unsportsmanlike Conduct 10 yard penalty. 3rd violation - Unsportsmanlike Conduct 10 yard penalty and player sits out at least 1 or more series and /or up to being ejected from the game at the discretion of the White Hat and the Team Captains.  

  • Swearing and abusive language or taunting directed at any player or official. 1st violation – Warning to the Captain. 2nd Violation –Unsportsmanlike Conduct 10 yard penalty. 3rd violation - Unsportsmanlike Conduct 10 yard penalty and player sits out at least 1 series and /or up to being ejected from the game at the discretion of the White Hat and the Team Captains.  


  • All other unnecessary roughness, unsportsmanlike conduct or illegal play as determined by the officials, first down and/or expulsion from the game of the player(s) involved. 

  • Deliberate personal fouls that are flagrant may result in a 3 game suspension and players conduct will be subject to review. Examples of such fouls are: Deliberate contact to the head or neck with a forearm or elbow. Deliberate contact below the waist or to an injured body part. 

  • Any deliberate contact to an official by a player shall result in a one-year suspension for the player. 

  • THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO WEAPONS ALLOWED ON THE PREMISIS. This includes but is not limited to (Guns, Tasers, Bats, Stun Guns, Knives, Brass Knuckles)  Punishment for the first offense is the player will be expelled from the league for the duration of the season and possibly longer.

  • Teams may use as many subs as they want for any regular season game. A sub cannot be on another teams active roster. A sub can be a sub for multiple teams throughout the season and throughout the week. A sub must pay $20 per game that he subs and must sign the waiver (only once)

  • All sub players (players not on an official roster) must sign waiver and pay $20 BEFORE playing. If a sub is caught playing without following the rules he will be banned from the league for rest of the season. If a team commits this penalty more than once they will forfeit the game. 

  • After the last regular season game is played the rosters lock. No adding players the week leading up to the first playoff game. To be on a roster you must pay the full league fee and be registered.


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