Rochester Flag Football League
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5v5 Youth Program



Our program provides young players a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in non-contact, continuous action while learning lessons in teamwork. Players develop skills that will help them succeed on and off the field.



Practice and games will be held on outdoor fields. (2024 Location TBD)


Season/League Format

Teams practice once per week for 30 minutes followed by a 45 minute game.

10 U starts at 5:30

12 U starts at 6:45


The season starts May 2024. Exact start date will be announced well in advance of the league.


The game is 5 on 5 flag football and teaches the basic and advanced skills of football. This includes running routes, passing, receiving and defending. Games involve non-contact rules that eliminate all forms of blocking and tackling. Coaches/Adults will play quarterback for 10U.


 Week 1 will be a full practice and evaluation period. Every week after that will consist of a 30 minute practice and a 45 minute game. Playoff weeks will be games only.


The program is played on a 50-yard playing field where participants may run or pass the ball. Teams start at their 5-yard line and have three downs to move the ball past midfield. Once a team has crossed midfield they receive a new set of three downs to score.


Playoffs will be held on weeks 9 and 10, depending on how many teams register.  Winning teams are crowned "Super Bowl" Champions.


Registration Fee Includes

Regular Season Games & Playoff Tournament

* Facility Rental

* Game Officials

* Trophy

* RFFL Team Jersey

* Coaches of each team will receive equipment bag, flags, and a league approved ball. 

* Video Highlights

* Player and Team photos


If the Head Coach has a child that plays in the league they will receive 50% off for every child. This will be paid back after registration. There will only be 1 head coach per team.


A mouth guard is required for all players. We also recommend that all participants use rubber cleats.


All players & parents must submit to a mandatory health screening prior to participation each week to ensure league safety.


*The Rochester Flag Football League reserves the right to change any dates, times rules or regulations to maintain the best interest of the players and league.